Welcome to the Crockett County Deerfest Association


Welcome to the Crockett County Deerfest Association!!!


The Crockett County Deerfest was created over 30 years ago as a community-wide appreciation banquet for hunters.  Typically 1,000 to 1,500 people attend the event.  They are fed a meal of chicken-fried deer, turkey, axis, deer sausage, deer chili, deer tamales, and brisket.  Over the years, the Deerfest Association has raised enough money to help fund the construction of the Crockett County Convention Center in which the event is now housed. The Deerfest Association has purchased A/V equipment and put a roof on the community daycare center.  The association helped finance the construction of the Crockett County EMS building.  Along with this, the Deerfest contributes yearly to the Crockett County 4-H, Knights of Columbus, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Youth Ministry,  The Ministerial Alliance, The Crockett County Volunteer Fire Department, The Boy Scouts, The Cub Scouts, The Girl Scouts, The Crockett County Youth & Civic Center, The Ozona Community Center, and the Crockett County EMS.   

To date, Crockett County Deerfest Association, with help from its generous contributors and sponsors, has donated over $452,669.62 back into the community.



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